Saturday, June 10, 2023

Let’s Celebrate 23 Years Of QNET Together

Today marks 23 years of QNET! We’ve had numerous unforgettable defining moments in our QNET history, and we’ve produced so many QNET success stories over the last 23 years. What better way to celebrate this amazing milestone than with YOU – the people who make QNET what it is today. Join us in our virtual anniversary celebration as we look at our DNA and what makes this 23rd anniversary so special.

What Is In Our QNET DNA?

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Did you know that humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes that make up our DNA? It defines who we are at our deepest core. As QNET turns 23 this year, we thought it fitting to talk about what makes up QNET’s DNA. Visit our QNET Official Instagram Page to see what our distributors have had to say about what #QNET23 means to them!

With words like opportunity, family, love, friendship, freedom and the future making up the bulk of these traits, we can’t help but be hopeful about the next 23 years of QNET!

Celebrate Our 23rd Anniversary LIVE

Célébrez notre 23e anniversaire EN DIRECT

Although we still can’t be together in person, we’re not letting it stop us from celebrating this milestone with you. Join us on The V Facebook LIVE or on Zoom on 8 September 2021 from 15:00 HKST onwards. This birthday extravaganza will be hosted by none other than our Chief Pathman Senathirajah. We will also be joined by several of your favourite QNET VIPs as well as our QNET Founders. Join us live to make this an evening we will never forget!

Anniversaries are a great time to take a step back and just look at all the things we’ve accomplished and all the friendships we’ve made along the way. It is also a time to look to the future with renewed joy and energy at the thought of everything we will accomplish together in the years to come! We are so proud of you! Happy 23rd Anniversary to all of us!

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