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Here’s How QNET’s Direct Selling Business Opportunity Can Benefit Nigerian Entrepreneurs

QNET has enjoyed an outstanding year since officially launching in Nigeria in April 2022.

Thanks to an extensive portfolio of high-quality products and services, a commitment to ethical business practices and community development initiatives as well as a dedicated network of direct sellers, or independent representatives (IRs), the company has, in fact, met and surpassed initial targets.

Yet the boom of entrepreneurship across the African continent, especially among the younger generation, presents more opportunities for growth this year, both for QNET and individuals eager to become their own bosses.

Have you been considering going into business for yourself? The time to do so could not be better.

Here is why QNET’s direct selling business opportunity is one of the most perfect avenues for budding Nigerian entrepreneurs to realise their dreams.

Equal opportunities for success

First and foremost, bars to entry are non-existent in direct selling. In fact, the numerous success stories of superstar entrepreneurs demonstrate that just about anyone, regardless of age, gender, social standing or educational background, can triumph in the industry.

nigeria youth direct selling

Yet what truly sets QNET apart is its 100% commitment to inclusiveness and equality.

This means, for example, that there are no gender pay gaps, restrictions to growth or large prohibitive investment sums or start-up costs. Rather, everyone is empowered to succeed from the get-go and presented with the same opportunities and avenues.

Best of all, regardless of whether one is a woman petty trader who is looking to establish herself in business, a young person or a retiree who’s seeking fulfilment in his/her golden years, everyone is afforded the same chance to decide when, where and how much to work.

Vast earning potential

Despite equal opportunities, however, there is no guarantee that one will become rich. Indeed, unlike illegal pyramid and Ponzi schemes where wealth is assured albeit with potentially harmful consequences down the road, QNET makes it very clear that success can only come about with hard work, commitment, ethical business practices and dedication.

That being said, what the company has done is put in place a robust compensation system which ensures that every QNET IR is rewarded similarly for the sales they make.

QNET’s direct selling opportunity is essentially a sales business, with the only difference being that selling is conducted outside of traditional retail environments and brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, the only way to earn an income is to recommend and sell QNET’s expertly-designed and developed products and services.

Want to earn more commissions from sales? Just sell more. It’s really that simple.

Development and personal growth

Of course, owning and running one’s own business is often more than just about financial rewards. And that fact is even truer in the case of QNET, which is focused on equipping both seasoned and neophyte entrepreneurs with the needed skills to support fair, inclusive, and sustainable growth.

Granted, QNET IRs are not employees of the company, but independent contractors who are all responsible for their own enterprises.

Nevertheless, in stark contrast to other business ownership platforms and opportunities, even other direct selling companies, QNET is committed to facilitating entrepreneurial advancement via training programmes and courses with lessons that are often on par with leading business schools’ modules.

One can even learn from direct selling superstars and get tips on best business practices to give you an edge.

This is especially valuable, in fact, in a country like Nigeria where conventional education, once seen as key to securing a decent job, can no longer guarantee success.

Ethical and professional practices

Just as important as entrepreneurial education, meanwhile, are ethics and professionalism — two areas that QNET refuses to compromise on and which it has always believed are crucial to business success.

This means that a person choosing to embark on his or her entrepreneurship journey with QNET is not only assured of educational and business guidance from a leading direct selling company with experience spanning a quarter of a century, but that they are partnering with an organisation that is ethical, professional, transparent and committed to responsible corporate governance.

And for proof of that fact, one only needs to look at QNET’s no-nonsense stance in the face of ethical breaches, violations of processes, procedures and Red Lines by IRs and the terminations of those found to have engaged in unethical business practices

A commitment to regulation

The company’s uncompromising view on ethics and professionalism, parenthetically, extends to a commitment to fight scams and fraud by supporting the enactment of comprehensive and robust legislation to regulate direct selling.

Direct selling, of course, is not a new industry. Indeed, direct selling companies have operated in Africa for some five decades now.

However, a recent spate of scams and incidences of fraud have resulted in customers not only being cheated by fake promises of massive rewards but QNET itself being impersonated by duplicitous scammers.

Hence the company’s loud, vocal and repeated calls for the introduction of stringent rules and regulations.

Incidentally, the company’s commitment to fighting fraud and falsities was recently manifested in the establishment of QNET’s Direct Selling Disinformation Centre (DSDC); a platform to fight negativity and disinformation regarding direct selling and QNET.

Make a difference beyond profits

Business is generally about profits and returns, and direct selling, like other sales businesses, is similarly focused on financial rewards.

Yet this is not the entire story at QNET. In fact, our founding philosophy, which has guided us over the past 25 years, concerns making a lasting impact on individuals, communities and the world at large.

Essentially, we believe in the principle of RYTHM; an acronym that stands for “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind”. As such, money, as far as the company is concerned, is viewed as simply a means to effect lasting change.

That also means that every budding entrepreneur who comes on board has the opportunity to be involved in the company’s many outreach efforts and community development initiatives, and, importantly, to be a part of something greater than themselves.

A business of value

At the end of the day, be it in Nigeria or anywhere else in Africa or the world, the best business for any entrepreneur is the one that most closely reflects their values and allows them to grow and earn comfortably. And at QNET, one has the chance to tick all those boxes.

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