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Re-Live V-Malaysia 2022 With These Epic Highlights

V-Malaysia 2022 was just as magical and inspirational as you would expect our first post-pandemic/in-person convention to be. Whether you were there to soak in all the energy, learning about it on QBuzz or even trying to relive all of the good moments from V-Malaysia 2022, here are some of our biggest highlights. 

Day 0: In-Person At Long Last! 

We started Day 0 with putting our finishing touches to our labour of love, preparing the arena to be Covid-safe, and pumping ourselves up to interact with our beloved IRs in person for the first time in 3 years! Aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world flew into the Setia SPICE Convention Centre in Penang, Malaysia, to start their journey to Be The Change. The gates were then open for our IRs to register themselves and interact with the QNET Carnival. It was the first chance to interact with life-enhancing QNET products, talk to QNET staff and network with fellow IRs from all over the world. You could feel everyone’s excitement in the air. 

Day 1: Welcome Home, Dreamers!

We officially welcomed over 15,000 aspiring entrepreneurs at the main stage of V-Malaysia 2022 with an unforgettable opening ceremony. QNET IRs were dressed in their boldest and brightest national outfits while  QNET Founders Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark welcomed the QNET Family back home. QNET VIPs took turns teasing what was to come in the next 5 days.

Day 2: The Magic Unfolds

The magic continued on Day 2 with empowering sessions from QNET Deputy ChairpersonMalou Caluza and QNET Chief of Strategy and Transformation Trevor Kuna. The audience was in for a treat as QNET announced the launch of Edg3 Plus and shared exclusive new merchandise from QNET and The V. IRs were also treated to presentations and testimonials on Amezcua products and were given the chance to win HomePure products as well. 

Day 3: Be The Change

The mainstage was an inspirational space with back-to-back stories on what practical actions you could take to be the change and really make a difference. We heard real-life direct selling success stories from QNET VIPs who have been there and done that. The IRs were also treated to an update on PJ City’s successes as a professional football team and not only that, we also heard from ManCity’s VP for Global Partnerships, Marketing, and Operations Tom Boyl. The QNET Carnival brought in the celebratory atmosphere with games, prizes, and the Achievers’ Club Gold Star ceremony. 

Day 4: A Grand Slam Surprise

V-Malaysia 2022 filled Day 4 with even more enlightening sessions from QNET VIPs who are living proof of how successful you can be with the right set of tools and mindset. Select QNET Achievers were honoured on stage with their success stories lighting a fire for young entrepreneurs looking to take things to the next level. The biggest moment of the day was our surprise guest of honour Sania Mirza — International Tennis Star, six-time Grand Slam Champion, four-time Olympian and recipient of CNN’s ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’. 

Speaking to the 15,000-strong crowd of IRs, Sania said, “When I first started my journey to become a professional tennis player, there were few people who believed in the path that I chose. It was practically unheard of for a young Indian woman to become a tennis player, let alone compete internationally. But I had a dream, and I promised myself that I would become the best the world had ever seen – even when there were naysayers or when I had to take a step back to recover from injuries. Throughout my journey, I learned that achieving your dreams takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, discipline, and commitment. I hope sharing my story here will remind everyone that no matter how many challenges you face, always get back up again!”

Day 5: V-Malaysia 2022 Is Just The Beginning

On Day 5, new QNET Achievers were recognised and awarded a standing ovation from their 15,000-strong QNET family. They were recognised for their hard work and consistency, as well as their never-give-up attitudes. 

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qLearn graduates were also treated to an epic graduation ceremony complete with graduation gowns and completion certificates at the QNET carnival. 

Product Launches That Has Us Hyped For 2023

We are constantly evolving our world-class quality range of products to meet the growing needs of our communities all over the world. This V-Malaysia 2022, we launched not one but THREE new products we’re ecstatic about. 

  1. HomePure Viva

Say hello to the newest addition to our QNET Home & Living range of products — the HomePure Viva. With 11 task-specific modes, the HomePure Viva’s smart filtration system will produce hydrogen-rich alkaline water that is perfect for your health and well-being. 

  1. EDG3 Plus

Also unveiled at V-Malaysia 2022: An upgraded version of EDG3, EDG3 Plus provides additional anti-inflammatory benefits to help manage your health. With Turmacin™ turmeric extract and 100% plant-origin Vitamin D3, EDG3 Plus will help enhance your body’s natural defence systems and anti-inflammatory function. 

  1. ProSpark Enhanced

ProSpark Enhanced was also introduced as an upgrade to the crowd favourite – ProSpark. It is a powerhouse of a toothpaste created with a unique combination of two powerful ingredients — Astaxanthin, an antioxidant that is also naturally anti-inflammatory, and ProImmune®, a patented amino acid formulation that helps fight gum diseases and improve your overall gum health. 

15,000 people from over 30 countries made V-Malaysia 2022 the massive success that it was. As the closing ceremony took place, IRs were reminded that this was not the end of the V-Convention but only the beginning. The real journey to success begins when they get home. We can’t wait to see you again very soon. 

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