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V-MALAYSIA 2022: QNET Hosts Participants From 30 Countries, Launches New High-Quality Health and Home Products

International direct selling company QNET welcomed more than 15,000 participants from 30 countries to Penang Island, Malaysia, for its annual convention V-Malaysia 2022 after a 3-year hiatus. The highly anticipated convention, which serves as the company’s flagship event, was also the first major international event in Malaysia in 2022. The 5-day convention held from October 7 to 11 included a mega product exhibition of QNET’s health, wellness, and lifestyle brands, a series of training programmes, new launches, entertainment segments, and an international sports star as guest speaker.

At the convention, QNET, which prides itself on offering high-quality, exclusive products to help customers live a more holistic lifestyle, announced three new product launches at V-Malaysia 2022: HomePure Viva, EDG3 Plus and ProSpark Enhanced.  HomePure Viva is a customisable water filtration system equipped with 11 task-specific modes with ability to produce hydrogen-rich alkaline water that can support the body’s gastrointestinal function, quickly and effectively rehydrate the body and skin, and deliver health-boosting benefits in the long term. EDG3 Plus is a sugar-free powdered supplement that uses a science-backed formula with an optimal blend of turmeric, Vitamin D3, and a patented glutathione to strengthen the immune system, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and increase the body’s natural defense against diseases. ProSpark Enhanced isan upgrade to ProSpark, a customer-favourite in the QNET personal care range, which combines Astaxanthin, an antioxidant powerhouse found only in certain microscopic algae that grow in marine environments, and ProImmune®, a patented amino acid formulation that increases glutathione production in the body.

QNET CEO Malou Caluza, says, “Now more than ever, personal health and well-being are top-of-mind for many. Our health, well-being, and nutrition portfolio have seen a huge upsurge in interest over the past three years due to this shift in customer mindsets. Therefore, our goal moving forward is to create accessible, approachable, and holistic products that meet this increase in demand.  We are proud to partner with world-class laboratories, researchers, and manufacturers to ensure our products are effective, beneficial, and made to the highest standards.”

Participants of V-Malaysia 2022 were also treated to a special surprise in the form of guest speaker Sania Mirza, an international tennis star. A six-time Grand Slam Champion, former world number one in women’s tennis doubles, and a four-time Olympian, Mirza is the firstIndian woman to win a Women’s Tennis Association title. Most recently, she was honoured with CNN’s “Outstanding Achievement Award” for her contribution to the international sports scene and for inspiring a new generation of athletes. Mirza shared her personal story of struggles and failures on her path to championship and reminded the audience of the importance of not giving up in the face of challenges.

Mirza’s message resonated with the audience members, a majority of whom are independent distributors of QNET’s direct selling business focused on building small independent businesses for themselves by promoting QNET’s products and services.

Mr Biram Fall, Regional General Manager of QNET Sub-Saharan Africa, commented on the successful convention: “It was both amazing and fulfilling to experience the first post-pandemic in-person convention. We hosted this year’s convention under strict compliance to CoVID-19 safety protocols. It was heart-warming to see, meet and engage thousands of our QNET family from different parts of the world again. Though 2020 and 2021 were tough years for everyone, our industry maintained a steady and consistent growth. The direct selling industry is generating more flexible and limitless prospects and many people especially, Millennials and Generation Z with their tech-savvy minds, are taking advantage of these life-changing opportunities. And at V-CON 2022, our large global family resolved to “Be the Change” the world is looking for, at a time like this.”

Seasoned journalists and editors from West African countries were flown to Malaysia to attend and witness the life-transforming convention. They visited QNET’s corporate offices, experienced first-hand, the brand’s products and authenticated the depth of the company’s commitment to positively affecting lives and empowering people to lead the best version of their lives.

At V-Malaysia 2022, many people re-discovered their purpose, learnt from the best in the direct-selling world, witnessed breath-taking product launches, connected with other like-minded entrepreneurs and were inspired to be the best version of themselves. QNET’s next annual convention will be held in March 2023 once again in Penang in Malaysia and expects to attract a much bigger audience. For the last three years, the convention took on a virtual format and was condensed into a 3-day online event which reached nearly 500,000 participants in more than 50 countries.

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