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The Benefits of Digital Currency in Direct Selling

We have seen growth in the popularity of cryptocurrency globally. Small businesses that use it as an option in their digital wallets are seeing a significant advantage over their competitors. As more and more businesses start using digital currency in their business transactions, it’s time to look at its advantages and benefits.

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In the simplest terms, digital currency is money you can use over the internet. Its most popular forms are cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, and it is used as an alternative to traditional banking. Users can buy, store and spend them using encrypted digital wallets. 

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Currency? 

Specifically in direct selling, digital currency allows you to work with people outside your local communities. 

1. More accessible

Cross-border purchases are simple and easy with digital currency as you don’t have to deal with foreign currency fees. This removes traditional barriers and limitations you may have faced previously in a borderless and global business like QNET. You can use digital currencies worldwide without worrying about extortionate exchange rates. 

2. More secure payment transactions

Digital currencies like stablecoins and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are more secure than most other online payment methods. Digital currency can protect itself from bank failures, inflation and other economic crises, as well as scammers. As it is not attached to traditional financial systems, it’s not prone to the same risks.

3. Attracts more customers

Customers who were otherwise inaccessible to you because of different banking regulations in different parts of the world will be with digital currency as a payment option. It opens you up to a more global and broader customer base, with one survey even suggesting that digital currencies attract more than 40% of new clients

Take advantage of the opportunity to use digital currency as a payment option on our QNET eStore and along with other digital assets, and learn more about this alternative payment method here.

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