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How To Get Gen Z Excited About Direct Selling

As someone who works with Gen Zers on a daily basis, within the QNET corporate team and with our IRs across the globe, I cannot emphasise enough the vital role Gen Z entrepreneurs play in the future of direct selling. In my experience, here is what I have found to be important to that generation of budding entrepreneurs and how direct selling can be exciting for them.. 

An Insight Into The Values Of Gen Z

One thing that stands out among Gen Z is their love of flexibility and their desire to make a difference. Several of their values resonate deeply with what we already do at QNET. Here are just a few such insights. 

  • Brand Authenticity

Gen Z loves brands that have a clear voice and a sense of purpose. They value transparency and like to make a positive impact with every interaction. They are also planet-aware and are very keen on sustainability. 

  • Innovative Products

They buy products that are extensions of their self-identity. Therefore, they are looking for quality and sustainable products that not only enhance lives but also give back to communities or reduce the negative impact on our planet routinely. Gen Z values efficiency and simplicity and is willing to spend money on quality products that last.

  • An Enriching Career Opportunity

When it comes to work, Gen Zers are looking to be a part of a family that offers them a healthy work-life balance and the ability to bring their unique skills to the table without being a cog in the machine. They thrive when there are opportunities for professional and personal skill development, and like to be part of something that makes a difference. 

6 Ways To Get Gen Z Entrepreneurs On Board With QNET and Direct Selling

  1. Keep your onboarding process quick and easy, and immediately acquaint them with the brand’s core identity and values. Edit your presentación accordingly.
  2. Ensure you are fully engaged in digital, mobile, and social marketing. Don’t forget to read our social media toolkit for tips and tricks to take your social media to the next level, and use QBuzz as a one-stop platform for the latest information about QNET and its products.
  3. Foster an exchange of ideas through your communication. Be transparent and flexible, and do not insist on a one-size-fits-all. 
  4. Studies have found that 54% of Gen Z have already begun investing and are interested in learning more about financial management, so emphasise these topics in your business training.  
  5. Show them results and examples of QNET success stories they can relate to. 
  6. Focus on how QNET is helping communities, how it aims to make a difference in the world, and how they can help. Don’t forget RYTHM in any of your pitches. 

To Sum It Up

At QNET, we are in the perfect place to offer aspiring Gen Z entrepreneurs an opportunity that resonates with their deeply held values. The next step is to present it correctly so they can get on board with direct selling and QNET. As we plan for the coming years, ensure you include a plan for Gen Z. They are the future. 

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