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All Your Questions About Belite123 Answered

Whatever your questions about Belite123, QNET’s newest health and wellness product, we have answered them in this post. In a day and age where various weight management methods such as calorie counting and extreme fasting habits are becoming the norm due to the advent of social media influencers, it is more important than ever understand that weight management should always be done responsibly and in moderation.

With Belite 123, you now have a holistic solution to weight management. Through its integrated 3-step programme, Belite123 aims to help manage your diet and food intake throughout the day. Backed by a total of four patents and nine clinical studies, Belite123 harnesses the dual power of nature and science to manage weight in a safe and effective manner.

So how will Belite123 help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight in a healthy manner? Here are some frequently asked questions about Belite123, and their answers.

What is Belite123?

Belite123 is a unique 3-step programme that targets those who want to manage their weight. The programme is divided into Belite 1, 2, and 3, and is meant to be taken throughout the day to boost metabolism and reduce toxins in the body, which in turn can result in weight loss.

What is special about Belite123?

Unlike other weight management products in the market, Belite123 is formulated specially to integrate into your daily routine to promote weight loss in a healthy manner, which is why Belite123 is composed of 3 products in one programme. The star ingredients in Belite123 are the African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis) and DNF-10 Yeast Peptide – both ingredients work in tandem to suppress appetite and increase the burning rate of body fat, which makes Belite123 perfect for those wanting to lose weight effectively.

How does Belite123 work?

Comment Belite 123 fonctionne-t-il?

The product is divided into 3 steps that integrate into your daily routine and promote weight loss over the long-term.

  • Belite 01 is a natural tea that acts as a morning booster to increase metabolism and regulate blood pressure. It includes a unique blend of natural green tea, chrysanthemum flowers, and kaffir lime leaves that help kickstart the day and keep you energised.
  • Belite 02 is the star of the Belite 123 range, featuring the African Mango species known as Irvingia Gabonensis, an ingredient renowned for its weight-loss properties through natural appetite suppression. Popular American Health expert Dr Oz calls it a “breakthrough supplement” and a “miracle in your medicine cabinet”. Besides, Belite 02 contains DNF-10, a patented yeast peptide that helps lower calorie intake and reduce body fat mass. This ingredient also helps to inhibit the deposition of fat around internal organs, leading to reduced risk of obesity. Mix Belite 02 with water and consume an hour before lunch to reap its benefits.
  • Belite 03 is a natural tea consisting of cinnamon bark, senna leaves, and peppermint leaves, aimed at detoxing the body and improving digestion. This tea serves as the perfect end to the day, as it can calm the senses and heal the body during sleep.

What are the other benefits of Belite123, besides for weight management?

We believe that QNET’s Health and Wellness products should provide multiple benefits to the user, seeing as our hectic lives can prevent us from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For Belite123, the same concept applies – we want users to be able to see and feel a positive difference in their lives through this product, which is why Belite123 functions more than just a weight management programme. Belite123 can help to detox the body and boost metabolism, suppress appetite, downregulate the obesity gene, inhibit fat deposition, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and improve bowel movement.

For answers to all of your questions about Belite123, listen to Chief Pathman Senathirajah’s introduction video.

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