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Why Busy Entrepreneurs Should Enjoy A Spa Day

Are you thinking of treating yourself after a long and productive week? As busy entrepreneurs, your body and mind may sometimes feel drained from all the work. While it’s important to put your best effort into your business, you should also remember to take a break to recharge and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

A nice vacation and a relaxing day at the spa can help you bounce back and recover from exhaustion. So, after you’ve hit your target for the month, why not book a trip somewhere nice – perhaps, the beach? It’s the perfect place to recharge, not only because the sights are beautiful and a great distraction from the hustle and bustle of city life but also because the sea breeze and sun provide nutrients for your body.

Furthermore, many resorts and hotels offer massage and spa services as a sweet addition to your well-deserved break. QVI’s Home Resort Prana Resort Nandana in Koh Samui, Thailand, for example, on top of a rich selection of beachside activities and amenities, offers two unique spa treatments that you can indulge in during your visit. The Amezcua Spa lets you enjoy a full body massage using oils energised by Amezcua BioDisc 3 and a glowing facial treatment using the full range of Physio Radiance products.

Amezcua Spa Prana Nandana

How exactly would an Amezcua Spa Day benefit a busy entrepreneur? Below are five reasons it can help boost your energy so that you can get back to building your QNET business with renewed vigour:

Improves Blood Flow and Circulation

While going to the spa can help you relax, it also benefits your body’s blood flow and circulation. When your body has good blood flow and circulation, it enables your immune system to fight off illnesses more effectively.

Promotes Better Sleep

To feel your best, it’s essential to get enough sleep. A good massage will help you relax your muscles, and it will also release serotonin into your body. As your body builds up enough serotonin, it will convert into melatonin which is often referred to as the sleep hormone.

Reduces Headaches and Relieves Specific Pain Points

If you often suffer from headaches, a massage can aid in easing target areas of pain within the body. The same goes for other body parts that may need some relief from pain. Of course, you should check with a physician if you experience any concerning discomfort in your body. But for simple muscle tension and light headaches, a good massage, especially suitable massage oils, can help reduce it significantly.  

Provides Stress Relief

Just as how a spa can aid in reducing headaches, it can also lower your heart rate, which will help you to minimise the adverse effects on the mind and body. In addition, a spa can also aid your body in releasing endorphins, triggering a relaxing response.

Helps Give You Great-Looking Skin

One of the best ways to maintain healthy skin is getting a good, deep facial spa. These treatments help reduce signs of ageing and wrinkles and curb acne and breakouts. The best part is that these treatments are incredibly effective and non-surgical, so you’re not exposing yourself to danger.

Taking time to relax and recharge can do wonders for your disposition and even provide you with well-needed inspiration, which is excellent for boosting your motivation and productivity in running your business.  

Check out how V Partner David Sharma and his lovely wife experienced this luxurious spa treatment at Prana Resort Nandana.

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