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Celebrate World Water Day 2022 With Our #WaterSourceChallenge

This World Water Day 2022, let’s celebrate by learning more about our most precious resource – water. As we educate ourselves on this year’s #WorldWaterDay theme of groundwater, take part on our HomePure #WaterSourceChallenge and spread awareness about this life-giving and life-saving resource.

Why Should We Care About Groundwater?

Pourquoi devrions-nous nous soucier des eaux souterraines ?

Every year on 22 March, we raise awareness on water as a way to inspire action towards managing this resource sustainably. The theme for World Water Day 2022 is Groundwater: making the invisible visible. The reason is because groundwater is everywhere but as we can’t see it, we don’t think too much about it. In many parts of the world, ground water is the only water that some people have access to. As we live in a world where currently 2 billion people live without access to safe water, thinking about groundwater and doing our bit becomes more important than ever.

How QNET And HomePure Are Helping

According to the UN, Groundwater makes up 99 percent of all freshwater that is not frozen, and provides nearly half of the world with drinking water. As part of the QNET family, you are also part of the QNET Green Legacy. Sustainability is at the core of what we do – be it in our products or our RYTHM projects. Planting trees goes a long way towards helping our ecosystems and maintaining our groundwater levels, and your HomePure water-filter helps you access clean and safe drinking water sustainably.

HomePure’s World Water Day 2022 #WaterSourceChallenge

Journée mondiale de l'eau de HomePure 2022 #WaterSourceChallenge

Be our water champions and help us raise awareness this World Water Day 2022 with our #WaterSourceChallenge. Show us you care about the future of the planet as much as us, and that you are also passionate about the sustainability of water.

Before you begin, make sure you don’t drink directly from the water source unless you are 100% sure that it is properly treated and safe for drinking, and don’t use plastic in your submissions.

Here’s how the challenge works:

1. Take a photo or video of your water source. This could be a river next to you, rain, stream, hand pump, water tap, pond, sea, lake, well or even a reservoir.

2. Post your visual with the hashtag #WaterSourceChallenge

3. We will pick the most fun and creative visuals as the winner.

We are looking forward to raising the profile of groundwater by raising awareness on water issues through the #WaterSourceChallenge. Will you join us? Send us your submissions on the QNET Official Instagram account. Don’t forget to get your friends to participate as well. Happy World Water Day 2022 everyone!

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