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Eco Travel: The New Trend You Need To Adopt

Make Eco Travel a part of your travelling style this 2021 as you plan your holidays for when lockdowns lift. You aren’t a boring, ordinary person, and so your travel shouldn’t be either. Step away from typical travelling aspects and immerse yourself in whatever culture you travel to. Here’s everything you need to know about Eco Travel.

What Is Eco-Travel?

Eco travelling just implies that you are more intentional about your getaways and holidays. Rather than being part of the harm caused by mindless tourism, you leave a lasting positive impact on the location you visit – be it by exploring the world in an eco-friendly way, stepping off the beaten track, skipping tourist traps or supporting local communities. Through Eco-Travel, you will help protect natural environments, help local economies thrive, conserve cultural traditions, and sustain bio diversity in the area.

How To Be An Ethical Traveller

  1. Be sensitive about the local population when you are travelling. Pay attention to local customs, support independent and local businesses, spend a few hours volunteering or donating to a worthy cause in that country.
  2. Practice sustainability while you travel. Ditch single-use plastics, try to be as zero-waste as possible, and be mindful of things like transportation. By travelling better, you are reducing the negative impact of tourists and leaving a location in good condition for the next generations.
  3. Think green when it comes to where you’re living and the tours you’re taking. Opt for places with green accreditations or companies that do carbon offsetting. Look for hotels with solar power, composting systems and charitable projects.

QNET Locations To Practice Responsible Travelling

Prana Resort, Samui, Thailand

For a guilt-free five-star experience without the price tag, look no further than the Prana Resort at Samui. It is the perfect place for a luxurious getaway AND eco-travel. To limit the negative impact of tourism, Prana Resort has several conservation, recycling and sustainability initiatives.

Doğan Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Doğan Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Apart from a luxurious holiday in an old historic town, Doğan Hotel also features a garden that includes lush vegetation. You can rest easy knowing that the hotel has several social responsibility projects that help local communities in need on top of their sustainability measures within the hotel itself.

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