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SHOPPING GUIDE! What To Look For When Choosing An Air Purifier For Your Home

Oxygen. Air. It’s all around us; if we try to go without it for over a minute, we die. Unless, of course, you’re a professional free-diver or synchronised swimmer! But even then, you must come up for air at some point!

With air being the one thing we are in constant contact with, it becomes imperative that we know what is in that air. From sky-rocketing air pollution levels outside and in our homes to the continuing threat of COVID-19, there is a genuine fear of what is in the air we breathe.

It is a logical conclusion, therefore, that an air purifier in the home is no longer a luxury; an air purifier like HomePure Zayn has become a necessary residential appliance that we entrust to protect ourselves from the air around us.

But not all air purifiers are created equal, and not all are up to protect you and your loved ones from the tiny, harmful particles floating around. So, if you’re in the market for an air purifier – and you should have one in each room of your house – what exactly should you be looking for? What makes an air purifier worthy of being in your home?

Let’s Go Shopping!

Here are some tips and guides for what to look for when buying an air purifier, and to make things even easier, we’ll let you know how HomePure Zayn – the popular antiviral air purifier from QNET – holds up against this shopping guide.

1. Filter Lifespan

The length of the filter’s lifespan is a double-edged sword. It’s great if the filters in your air purifier last a long time because you can save on cost, hassle, and time by not needing to replace the filters too frequently. On the other hand, the longer you use any filter, the less effective it becomes, simply by what it is designed to do – catch the bad stuff.

Furthermore, things like cigarette smoke, ventilation of the room, assigned use of the space, and whether you have pets can all contribute to the longevity of your air purifier’s filters.

What is the lifespan of HomePure Zayn filters?

With everyday use, the lifespan of the replaceable tri-layer HPP+ antiviral filter in your HomePure Zayn is six months. This leads us to another important consideration: How easy is changing the filter?

2. Ease of Filter Replacement

How difficult or costly it is to replace the filter in your air purifier should be part of your buying criteria. Why? Because if changing the filter is too complicated or simply too inconvenient, you’re unlikely to do it, resulting in a deficient product and unsafe air.

Ask yourself: Do you need a technician to change out the filter, or is it a do-it-yourself job? Do you have to track how long you’ve used the filter, or will the machine remind you? Is it a long and complicated task? Is it a messy job? These are all things to consider when buying an air purifier.

How quick and easy is HomePure Zayn’s filter replacement?

Its in-built pre-filter can be quickly and easily cleaned with a cloth every few months; it doesn’t need to be replaced. Meanwhile, the replaceable HPP+ tri-layer antiviral filter easily pops in and out and can be changed in less than one minute; it’s the definition of ‘quick and easy’ filter replacement. But how will you know when to make the change? Zayn’s intuitive technology tracks the use of the filter and will automatically alert you when it is time to replace it.

2. Warranty

In terms of warranty, a good air purifier will come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of at least one year, preferably two years.

What is the warranty on HomePure Zayn?

HomePure Zayn comes with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.

3. Coverage/Room Size

It is not as simple as buying an air purifier, sitting back, and breathing clean indoor air. Unless you invest in a large, house-wide air purifier, you will likely need a smaller one in each room or at least each main room where you spend most of your time. Think bedrooms, lounge/living rooms, and kitchens. You also need to consider how big each room is.

HompePure Zayn

What is the coverage provided by HomePure Zayn?

Your HomePure Zayn antiviral air purifier is designed to be compact and portable without compromising coverage. One unit is designed to cover 36 square metres (or approx. 387 square feet), which is more than enough for the average-sized living room. 

4. Antiviral Capabilities

Airborne diseases have always been a health issue, but rarely have they been at the forefront of our global collective consciousness as much as they have since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ergo, you want an air purifier that can combat airborne viruses.

Is HomePure Zayn antiviral?

Not only is it antiviral, but it is also an antiviral super machine! Zayn can eliminate airborne particulate particles as small as 0.1 microns (the average size of coronavirus), and the unit has been tested and certified for 99.94% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 (Omicron/B.1.1.529 Variant) by CROP Biolaboratory, Sao Paulo, Brazil; this is the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19.

5. Aesthetic Design

Your home is your sanctuary, and it feels good when things look good. So, when shopping for an air purifier, look for something aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive, and can complement or enhance the look and feel of your home. For example, a sleek, modern air purifier can help elevate your abode’s style.

Does HomePure Zayn look good?

Thanks to its contemporary, intentionally compact design, HomePure Zayn seamlessly adds to the interior design principles of your home. It is lightweight, modern in its presentation, and features a night mode which dims lights and sounds for peaceful sleep. Your Zayn has been designed to belong in a happy, healthy home.

6. Smart Features

We just mentioned night mode as a benefit of smart design; seemingly simple features like this can add the icing on the cake, so to speak, of your air purifier. Child lock is another simple yet smart and beneficial feature. Alerting you when it is time to change the filter, being able to respond to changes in the surrounding air pollution levels proactively, and ensuring its sound levels won’t disrupt your day-to-day home living, are more examples of oft-overlooked but important smart features of your air purifier.

What’s so smart about HomePure Zayn?

HomePure Zayn uses smart sensors to detect the changing quality of the air around it and responds by intelligently adjusting its settings to best suit the surrounding level of air pollution at any given time. The night mode setting dims all ambient lights and brings down the noise decibels, while the smart-yet-simple child lock means settings via the unit’s touch menu won’t be messed up by curious little hands. Your Zayn will also inform you when to replace the filter.

Want to know more?

Whether it’s dangerously high PM2.5 air pollution levels or the persistent threat of the airborne coronavirus, the HomePure Zayn antiviral air purifier can create a safe ‘Zayn Zone’ of purified indoor air within your home, thanks to its industry-leading six-stage filtration.
This means it reduces viable viral particles in the air by 99.94 per cent, including SARS-CoV-2 (Omicron/B.1.1.529 Variant), also known as the novel coronavirus, the cause of the COVID-19 disease. In addition, it purifies and sterilises the air in your home, with a reduction of 99.8 per cent of airborne particulates as small as 0.1 microns, including bacteria, allergens, bad odours, fungi, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
With a sleek, unobtrusive design, intelligent sensor, and auto settings, the antiviral HomePure Zayn allows you and your family to breathe easily, day and night.

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