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5 Things Your Bernhard H. Mayer Swiss Watch Says About You

Your Bernhard H. Mayer Swiss Watch says so much about you even before you speak a single word. These timepieces are not just status symbols and confidence boosters. Whatever your age, gender, nationality, identity, your watch reflects your personality, your power and your purpose.

Here’s what your favourite Bernhard H. Mayer® Swiss watch says about YOU!

You Care 

Vous êtes attentif au moindre détail - Bernhard H. Mayer

Your choice of Swiss timepiece shows that you’ve thought about excellence and legacy. You care about combining the best of history with modern technology. Your Bernhard H. Mayer Swiss watch shows that you have thought about appearance and message, and don’t do things half-heartedly. It gives you a balanced outlook: you revere tradition whilst embracing modernism.

You Know What You Want

Vous savez ce que vous voulez - Bernhard H. Mayer

People who are serious about watches make sure that their watch aligns with their lifestyle – corporate champion, fitness fanatic or philanthropic social worker. If you’re wearing a status-defining wearable trophy from the Bernhard H. Mayer® Powermaster First collection, for example, it’s not a case of  ‘anything goes.’ It’s about wearing exactly what YOU want.

You Are Respectful Of Time

May be an image of wrist watch

The right timepiece shows others that you value your time and that of others. You may still use your smartphone to tell the time, but a  Bernhard H. Mayer Swiss Watch tells people that you are trustworthy, dependable, and reliable.

You’re Stylish 

Vous êtes élégant - Bernhard H. Mayer

Your choice of watch also shows that you care about your looks and how you present yourself. The Bernhard H. Mayer® Mecanique Diamond, for example, shows that you care about functionality as well as style.  It shows that you practice self-care, and sends out strong signals that you are a passionate individual committed to your cause.

You Mean Business

Vous êtes sérieux - Bernhard H. Mayer

It takes a certain je ne sais quoi to pull off a wristwatch with style and poise, but wearing a good timepiece radiates an enviable level of confidence. Wearing a  Bernhard H. Mayer Swiss watch implies that you are a no-nonsense go-getter. It shows a sense of purpose, drive and subtle persistence in you that surpasses words.

Picking the perfect timepiece for you requires time, contemplation, and intuition. But we’ve made it easy for you with our Bernhard H. Mayer® collection. Just pick the watch that matches your personality and make a great impression! Which Bernhard H. Mayer Swiss watch is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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