Saturday, June 10, 2023

Three Reasons Your Family Needs The HomePure Nova

Clean drinking water is one of our basic necessities, and it’s imperative that each household has their own clean water source. This is what HomePure Nova can offer you — clean, safe and best-tasting water for the WHOLE FAMILY.

Here are the top three reasons why you should get your own HomePure Nova now!

ONE: 9 Stages Of Water Filtration

With HomePure Nova’s 9 stages of filtration with 35+ Ultratech Filter Technology, 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses are removed while destroying microorganisms 300% smaller than the width of a human hair, withstands higher pressure and clogs less, and has a lifespan of up to 5,000 litres. You’ll get the best value for your money as you can sleep easy knowing that your family will get the best water quality.

TWO: Certified By A Renowned Public Health and Safety Organisation

HomePure Nova does not simply claim that it can provide you clean drinking water but it’s also backed by NSF International, a global, independent health and safety organisation. HomePure Nova has been certified for the following:

NSF 42- Reducing chlorine, taste, odour and particulates.

NSF 53- Reducing health-related contaminants like volatile organic chemicals and asbestos.

NSF 401- Reducing emerging contaminants like some prescription/OTC drugs, flame retardants, detergents, new types of pesticides and herbicides.

NSF P231*- Removing microbiological contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

*NSF/ANSI P231 is undergoing certification testing at the time of publication of this article.

Furthermore, HomePure Nova has been tested by Korea Conformity Laboratories for lead reduction and general purification ability.

THREE: Antibacterial Protection

Aside from its top of the line filtration system, HomePure Nova has Microban® Antibacterial Protection that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, such as E.coli and S. aureus to name a few. This ensures that HomePure Nova is the only water filtration you’ll ever need.

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