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Yes, Men – Your Skin’s Needs Are Also Important

Skincare for men is not a new topic. People have been talking about its importance for quite some time now, and more and men have been embracing new routines for themselves.

In fact, it’s been proven that men have been using skincare products since the early ages. A few years ago, scholars dug up a 2,700-year-old bronze jar at the Liujiawa archaeological site in northern China that contained remnants of a face cream used by aristocratic men, made of cattle fat, an emulsifier and moon milk – a mineral found in limestone caves.

Luckily these days, skincare for men doesn’t need to be that complicated!

Why is skincare for men so important?

Having healthy, protected, and nourished skin is necessary for everyone, whether from Mars or Venus, and not just for appearance purposes. While soap and water had been deemed sufficient for most men to take care of their skin in the past, this myth has been busted many times over.

Since men tend to have oilier and thicker skin than women, they might even need to put in a bit more work on their skin. Sharing products with the woman in your life might be convenient (or romantic), but it isn’t effective.

Adopting skin-friendly habits ensures that your skin remains supple, healthy, and clean, whilst preventing premature ageing and skin related ailments.

Five easy-to-follow skincare tips for men

Keep it warm 

Washing your face with hot water might be relaxing and can even give you a fresher look fast. Yet hot water harms the skin’s surface, leaving it dry and prone to flakiness. Opt for warm water to help open pores and flush out deep seeded impurities. Once you’ve done that, give your face a quick cold-water rinse to close your pores and prevent them from attracting uninvited germs and dirt.

Soften the stubble 

Most men shave first, then shower. Reverse the process to ensure a smoother shave, prevent irritation and even red bumps from forming on your skin. Facial hair is thick since shaving happens frequently, and thick hair is difficult to shave. After soaking your facial hair in the shower, it will be softer and easier to shave off without compromising your skin.

No to soap 

Soap is great to remove dirt and oils from your face. Yet, it does more harm than good by removing essential oils from your skin and leaving it deprived of its natural moisture. This leads to dry skin, itchiness, and premature ageing.

Choose a cleanser over soap – it is milder on the skin, effective in exfoliating dead skin cells and contains more nutrients. The DEFY Dirt Fighter is powered by NVIRO-P that comprises all-natural active ingredients to clean your skin while improving its appearance. What’s more? It doubles up as a shaving cream!

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