Tuesday, March 21, 2023

What products are sold by QNET? Do QNET products really work? Why are QNET products so expensive?

Find your answers here.

Are you curious about QNET products? What about QNET product prices? We’re here to answer all your questions about QNET products that you can find online. Read on to learn more about our selection of QNET products.

QNET products are generally comparable to other products you find in the market. Sometimes QNET products can be more expensive because of the unique idea of the products, the materials they are made of, or the technology used in making the products. QNET products are usually made exclusively for QNET and can only be found in the QNET ecommerce shop. QNET has been making cutting edge premium products for more than 20 years. Our products meet stringent quality standards and, depending on the product and service in question, they are backed by guarantees and/or manufacturer warranties. QNET also conducts a quality audit to assess and evaluate the product supplier’s Quality Management System practices and adherence to it, prior to qualifying and selecting them. A Quality Assurance team also conducts a visual inspection of the product and facility of the manufacturer. QNET acquires third party tests and certifications on benefit claims made by the supplier prior to vendor selection.

Yes, our energy products are really very effective. They are certified and absolutely safe. This is confirmed by the results of research institutes in various countries, including the United States and Germany.

QNET takes part in the development of energy products, in collaboration with world renowed Professor Konstantin Korotkov, a world leader in the study of the human bio-energetic field with more than 25 years experience in the field. His books have been translated into many languages, including English, French, Spanish and Italian. Professor Korotkov is a long-time provider of testing services for QNET’s energy devices.

As a matter of fact, anyone can check the effectiveness of the company’s energy products, such as Bio Disc 3, at home. A bouquet of flowers will stay fresh and fragrant longer in a vase with Bio Disc 3 treated water, in comparison to that in a vase of normal water. Fruits and vegetables washed with Bio Disc 3 treated water will remain fresher longer.