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QNET In Burundi Celebrates Eid Al-Adha With RYTHM Activity

QNET Independent Representatives in Burundi raised themselves to help mankind by organising a charity event on the occasion of Eid al-Adha. QNET distributors with the support of local leaders and uplines gathered essential supplies and distributed it to Mariam Foundation, an orphanage with 82 children. Through this activity, QNET in Burundi aimed to make Eid a true celebration for the children of Mariam Foundation, despite the difficulties caused by a global pandemic.

QNET team gathered together at the orphanage and were welcomed by the founder Mrs Mariam Ndayisenga. 300 kilograms of rice and beans, 50 litres of cooking oil, and essential food items were gifted to the orphanage. The children were also treated to biscuits and sweets alongside daily essentials like toothpaste and soap. The donation is QNET’s way of helping out with the noble work that the Mariam Foundation carries out every day in providing the children with a roof over the head as well as love and family.

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The day was made more special as QNET in Burundi was given an opportunity to meet the children and share a meal with them. It was a lovely time with lots of laughter and happiness all around. During the event, representatives of QNET in Burundi thanked the staff of Mariam Foundation for the excellent work they are doing in creating a home for children in need.

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“No matter what difficulties we have faced and still face today, we keep going because the children deserve the best. Whatever challenges we face, we overcome it because of the love and support we receive from volunteers like QNET. We thank God for all your help and your contributions, and we hope our relationship will continue,” said Mariam Foundation Founder Mrs Mariam Ndayisenga.

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Giving back to the communities that we work in is our core mission. We are so glad we got this opportunity. We cannot wait to be able to keep paying it forward, and to keep practising the values of RYTHM.

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