Friday, June 9, 2023

QNET Shares the Joy of Ramadan with SOS Draria Children’s Village

True to its tradition in this holy month, QNET, a prominent e-commerce based direct selling company, is keen to embody the core values of Ramadan of sharing by organizing an Iftar Dinner at the Children’s Village SOS Draria by gathering nearly 120 children from the village with the independent representatives of the company.

True to its philosophy of RYTHM – ‘Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, QNET organizes this annual Ramadan charity campaign in different countries across the world to help enhance the lives of many less fortunate people including families, children and other portions of the society. This kind of initiatives allows highlighting the values of solidarity rooted in QNET’s strong purpose to enrich lives of people especially during Ramadan which is a time of giving and sharing.

In Algeria, QNET along with its Independent Representatives celebrated the spirit of Ramadan by bringing joy to about 120 children of the Children’s Village SOS Draria through sharing an Iftar meal and spreading the festive cheer with them in a warm and convivial atmosphere.

This solidarity initiative with this fringe of children is among the main missions of QNET, the Ramadan charity campaign has always been one of the key campaigns every year for QNET, it is indeed a very meaningful, heart-warming and fulfilling initiative for the company. Sharing a meal is the least gesture for these children to give them a smile and recreate around them a friendly and family atmosphere.

Le personnel de QNET et ses représentants indépendants, qui s'impliquent personnellement pour enrichir la vie des autres.

he Independent Representatives expressed their appreciation to the managers of the SOS Children’s Village Draria for allowing them to share the joy of Ramadan and they saluted them for the efforts made for caring and providing constant support for the children and enshrining their rights and the improvement of their condition.

Such campaigns promote empowerment of the community and are also very inspiring for the staff of the company and its Independent Representatives, as they become personally involved in enriching the lives of others.

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