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3 Ways To #ChooseWomen This Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is on 19 November, and the perfect opportunity to empower, celebrate and support the women in your life, whether they are small business owners or part of your entrepreneurial dream team. This year, let’s lift the women in our QNET Family up to be the leaders, innovators and trailblazers they genuinely are. Here are five ways to #ChooseWomen this Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

1. Acknowledge The Invisible Labour


Women around the world do more than just contribute to the economy. They also do most of the invisible and unpaid labour that is considered essential, including housework and caretaking. On average, women dedicate 4 hours and 25 minutes per day of unpaid work on top of their jobs and business. Let’s take a moment this Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and every single day, to acknowledge and thank our women for everything they do. And then, let’s make a plan to share the burden. 

2. Celebrate Our Heroes


At QNET, we celebrate our women by making space for them to change the world. QNET CEO Malou Caluza was featured in Asia’s ‘15 over 50’ publication and also won a Gold Globee® at the CEO World Awards. Many of our top leaders are our biggest heroes and role models, who continue to lead more and more entrepreneurs into financial freedom, creating RYTHM Advocates and QNET Achievers worldwide. These include V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz, V Partner V Padma, V Partner Kavita Sugandh, V Partner Sharfun Shaikh, Associate V Partner Kalaiarasi Manikam, Associate V Partner Shipra Neeraj, and countless more. Let’s continue to cherish and lift up our women. They are the heart of QNET.

3. Be An Advocate 


Being an advocate this Women’s Entrepreneurship Day means more than just writing a social media post about it. Find out practical ways in which you can create space for them. Lift them up to leadership roles, support women in business where possible, and make space for their big dreams and ambitions. Within your team, help create a plan for pushing women into leadership roles and additional ways to make their direct selling journeys easier. Remember, when in doubt, #ChooseWomen

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