Friday, June 9, 2023

4 Myths About Direct Selling You Need To Stop Believing

Stop believing in these four myths about direct selling if you want to be successful. Everyone starts their QNET journey with certain expectations, many of them unrealistic. In this article, we not only debunk some of the biggest myths about direct selling, but also help you set realistic expectations so that you have the highest chance of success in QNET.

Myth: You Need To Be An Extrovert

Because direct selling has a networking element, many people believe that you need to be an extrovert. This is one of the biggest myths about direct selling. Being an extrovert and introvert just means you process information differently. Some of the biggest entrepreneurs are introverts. What’s more important is focusing on your communication skills.

Myth: Overnight Success Is Possible

New distributors always join direct selling thinking they will be successful overnight, and then give up. In any business venture, failure is part of the process – no matter how well you plan, no matter how hard you work. Manage your expectations so you know that you will face rejections, you will find days when nothing seems to work. But that’s what makes direct selling so exciting – knowing that success is eventually inevitable.

Myth: Independence IS Happiness

The appeal of direct selling is that it provides you the freedom to work for yourself and in your own time. Some believe that ultimate happiness comes from that independence. However, studies show that although entrepreneurs value independence in work, they derive more satisfaction from doing something they love and adding value to society. Not to mention the benefits of earning better.

Myth: Following The Formula Is Key

You don’t need to follow in the exact footsteps of your upline to find success in direct selling. In fact, the most successful distributors are those who innovated with the times. Don’t be very strict with your plans and methods. Instead, be flexible and adapt to how the world is changing. Embrace technology, read about trends, and market accordingly.

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