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Diamond Star Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral On Believing In Yourself

Our very own Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral, Diamond Star and beloved upline, gets candid in this interview about believing in yourself in order to find success in direct selling. Read on to find out about how he got out of his comfort zone when he first joined QNET. Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral started his career as a direct seller by taking a leap of faith, and with a firm belief that one day he would succeed. He also dishes on what it means to be in the QNET Achievers Club, and how be a QNET Achiever too.

How did you feel the first time you were called on stage as an Achiever?

It was fantastic. I felt like I couldn’t just walk to the stage, I wanted to fly! My team and I were called on stage as Diamond Stars. Rank advancement in QNET had just been put in place. First of all, I didn’t believe that it was possible for me. In 2012, I wasn’t even trying for an Achievers Club rank. However, after seeing many people achieve it, I felt more confident. One day, when the new QNET Compensation Plan had just been put in place, I decided to go for rank advancement. I think it is necessary for leaders to set the example for their teams. So, when we finally heard our names, it was a truly great moment and I believe everyone should experience that feeling.

Aside from earning a higher income, what are the other reasons one should strive to become an Achiever?

Well, at first, you are not driven by the income itself – you are driven by the fact that we have to achieve another rank. This pushes people to get more downlines. My first priority was to build my sales team. To be part of a group, to have business meetings and overseas trips together, to meet the Founders – these were the reasons my team and I aimed at becoming QNET Achievers; the income was secondary.

Being a QNET Achiever is something special that all IRs need to work towards. When QNET chooses you to go on incentive trips, it is a great privilege and an exclusive experience. You get to meet our beloved Founders. You get to travel with them and the top Achievers around the world. This is the sort of experience you won’t find anywhere else. It is something very unique, and everyone should do all they can to go at least once in their life.

We’ve been told since the beginning that the direct selling industry is one where you lead by example. To be selected among other top performers and be invited by the QNET Founders themselves is the ultimate reward one can receive in this business venture. Besides the higher income, you truly feel that you’ve done something right and that you belong to a group of quality people.

Tell us a bit more about your first Achievers Club Incentive Trip

My first Incentive Trip was to London. For me, it was both my first trip with the Achievers Club and the first time I went to Europe! It was something completely new, and magical. I did everything I could to be chosen for the honour. When I reached there, I met the other Achievers, the V Partners and, of course, the Founders. We went everywhere together whether we were shopping, going out for meals or even going on a cruise. We spent hours talking to each other and learning from each other. If working hard and giving your best in your business, and in everything you do, gives you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then go for it! Do everything you can to be a top performer because, one day, you’ll be called for this kind of meeting, and you will see the value of this journey for yourself.

What is your favourite memory from that trip?

I remember on the two-hour cruise along the River Thames, Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran came to where I was sitting with my wife at the back, and shared with us his vision. When I think of this trip, this is the first image that comes to mind – Dato coming over, sitting next to us, and speaking from his heart. He wants so badly for us to develop to our full potential. Over the next hour, he shared how they started QNET, the way they built the business, the challenges they faced, and how he wanted us to achieve success like him.

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