Wednesday, March 29, 2023

In Our Father’s Footsteps: Fatherly Traits That are Good for Business

It’s often said that fathers are no longer “built” as they once were. Yet, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

Traditionally seen as aloof and a disciplinarian, dads’ roles have changed in recent times, with many fathers now seen to be nurturing and actively participating in their kids’ lives right from birth.

This is progressive evolution, of course. And the evidence suggests that it’s had a positive effect on business too! Indeed, many industry leaders confirm that being hands-on papas have made them better leaders.

1. Try a little patience

Being a dad requires patience — lots and lots of it — and there’s no doubt that that’s just as essential in entrepreneurship.

True, there are times when one is called upon to be decisive. Nevertheless, the general rule for business owners, especially for those of us in direct selling, is that there are no easy fixes and shortcuts to success.

Building a business, like bringing up children, requires time and dedication. And it’s only when we are patient in planning, negotiating and closing deals that we actually start to see rewards.

2. Mentor and support

While business owners should always look to inspire with their conduct, it’s also important to remember that your team members and downlines aren’t you, nor are they all the same.

Like children in a family, everyone in your network is an individual with their own hopes, dreams and motivations.

Thus, the ticket to your success and theirs is to recognise that fact, and to support them, as much as possible, in their respective business journeys.

Remember, mentorship is a key aspect of the direct selling business model. And it is only by being generous with our support and encouragement that we truly thrive.

3. Lead the way

Whether it’s taking care of your health, being respectful of others or lending a helping hand, the best way to inspire one’s kids to do the right thing is to lead by example.

Children look up to their dads for guidance. And this is true too in business, with team members and downlines.

The bottom line is that if you want to boost productivity, follow through on promises to clients, or even just foster better camaraderie, you’ve got to lead and light the way.

For best results, try working alongside team members as it instils respect and trust.

4. All you need is love

Mums love their kids unconditionally. So, too, do dads. And that’s exactly how entrepreneurs need to approach and view their businesses.

Yes, people may have different motivations for becoming their own boss and some may even be satisfied with being part-time business owners.

Yet, regardless of your motivations, the only chance your business has of thriving is if you care for and love it the way dads love their kids.

This means, being dedicated and focused on it, in both good and challenging times.

5. Laughter is the best medicine

He may crack a lot of corny Dad jokes, but the modern father’s love of humour is something to emulate.

This is especially so as laughter has been found to be tremendously beneficial in work environments.

Yes, leadership in business is serious stuff, particularly when there are profit margins and sales targets at stake. But business gurus believe that humour is a superpower in business, which can help build genuine connections among team members, improve well-being and get everyone working together. 

Plus, jokes and humour always make leaders appear more approachable.

Mums and dads are often viewed as being our first teachers. And it definitely seems, from the examples above, that our fathers’ lessons will put us in good stead to succeed in both life and business. Thank you, dad!

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