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How To Slay Your Social Media In 2022

Here’s how you can enhance your Social Media in 2022 so that it works to help you find success in your business. Now that you’ve settled into the new year, and have a good feel for what the year ahead is going to look like, here are some tips on how you can take your social media to the next level.

Tips To Building A Better Social Media Presence In 2022

If the last two years are anything to go by, social media is becoming increasingly the one space where everyone congregates to socialise and to shop. In fact, a lot of people use social media channels exclusively for news and to stay on top of trends. If you want to feel the pulse on what’s hot and if you want to build a connection with your followers, the best thing for you to do is build a social media presence with things that will be like a sneak peek into your real life. It’s the best way to show off your life, get praise for your hustle and to learn what others are up to. Here are some essential tips on social media branding for this coming year.

Create A Social Media Calendar For Yourself

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Having a social media calendar will help give you a structure and routine you need to build a strong social media presence. Take some time to think ahead, and find social media occasions to piggyback on.  It is just as useful as having a QNET Sales Calendar. Creating a calendar will help you stay active even if you’re too busy or unmotivated to come up with something on the spot. There are also several free software to help you automate your posts so that you can create and schedule them for when you know you can’t create new content.

PRO TIP: Just like you need to brush your teeth everyday to see healthy gums, or go to the gym to see the results – posting regularly on social media in 2022 will help you be strong in the game.

Tell Your Story Through Small Moments

You are a walking, talking success story, and your audience deserves to know that. Use the “tell me you’re successful, without telling me you’re successful” policy and post about things in your life that you consider a success. Share stories of the little things that remind you of how far you’ve come – if there was a time you couldn’t afford a cup of fancy coffee, post a picture of one with that story. Show off your personality and don’t let your social media look like purely an advertisement. Try to build relationships with your audience instead focussing on just building followers. Interact with them regularly.

Make Short Videos, Even If They Are Only Text

Thanks to all the latest updates on social media platforms, you can now make short videos and even use text to speech voice options to give your videos a sound. Short videos have really taken off with all platforms favouring videos over images – so take advantage of the easy to use features of your favourite social media app. Make your favourite quote into a video or just showcase a quick video of your favourite QNET Product. It will go down a treat!

Use The Stories Feature More Often

Stories have increasingly become more popular than actual posts. The biggest trend in Social Media in 2022 is going to be sharing your favourite posts from other content creators or doing quick previews of how your day is going. Your audience will always want to see what’s going on in your life, so give them a story every now and then. And if you aren’t doing something exciting on that day, just share your favourite meme. Keep your account active.

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