Friday, March 31, 2023

Learning Lab Now On Your QNET Mobile App

The highly anticipated Learning Lab has now successfully been launched to the award-winning QNET Mobile App. Through the Learning Lab, which is part of your QNET Mobile App, you and your sales team can access everything you need to grow and develop your business. You can now download or update to the latest version of the QNET Mobile App on the App Store or Google Play to access the latest Learning Lab features.

Knowledge Gate Now at Your Fingertips

Le portail de la connaissance désormais à la portée de vos doigts

With the internet being widely available everywhere, digital learning has become more and more common. The explosion of available content and tools has created a culture of sharing. By embracing digital learning, we boost learning, experience, and several soft skills, including communications skills.

Our QNET Learning Lab is full of technology and tools to enable you to develop effective skills at your own pace and time. With Learning Lab on your QNET Mobile App, you can embrace digital learning and upskill yourself in direct selling. The app update comes with a variety of new features to explore, including a digital library, access to your WebiLearn sessions, and also QNETPRO certifications.

The Digital Library

La Bibliothèque Numérique de QNET

The Digital Library is a mobile-exclusive platform where you can access enhanced QNET content, such as product information, business growth advice, rank advancement tips, and more! It will help you get access to and avail quality and rewarding professional marketing tools so that you can achieve your business goals by fulfilling your sales targets. These tools can also help improve your virtual marketing campaigns by –

  • Helping you research the content that your customers are actually are interested in.
  • Providing you with tools that help you determine what works best for you.

All such professional marketing tools are exclusively available for you under the QNET Mobile app.


WebiLearn : formations de QNET

QNET Webinars are designed to help you learn all you need to know about QNET, giving you the unique chance to be a QNET expert and a champion networker! With Webinars, you can learn in greater detail about QNET’s products, services, Compensation Plan, Virtual Office and Policies & Procedures. In addition, you will get special business tips, and marketing and selling strategies from our experts!

Check out our training calendar via the QNET Mobile App. Enjoy the One-click Registration for FREE weekly online trainings about the compensation plan and products in multiple languages. You can view our Monthly Training Schedule in your local time zone. You can now also easily register for trainings, and get real-time notifications to remind you to attend!

QNETPRO Training And Certification Programme

Programme de formation et de certification QNETPRO

Become QNETPRO Certified through the QNETPRO course and exam available on your QNET Mobile App. Once you become QNETPRO certified, you will be a part of a group of highly trained direct selling professionals! The QNETPRO Training and Certification Programme is QNET’s initiative to actively raise awareness and remind all distributors about the importance of always practising professional Direct Selling business behaviours. The campaign aims to share the rules that are set in the QNET Policies and Procedures in byte-sized chunks.

To make your training experience as engaging as possible, you can now access everything you need under one digital hub – The Learning Lab. This is a great opportunity for you to learn on the go. Log in to your QNET Mobile App to check it out now!

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