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How to Foster Innovation and Creativity in Your QNET Business

It’s a fact that there’s no straight path to direct selling success and, certainly, no quick-and-easy way to get rich.

Even so, possessing a growth mindset and being receptive to new and maybe even out-of-the-box ideas can put QNET business owners in good stead to achieve financial success while making a difference in the lives of others.

In essence, today’s customers are more discerning than ever. So, in order to stay ahead and ensure client satisfaction, entrepreneurs need to be able to adapt to trends and, importantly, embrace innovation and creativity.

Not sure how to do that? Here are five simple things you can put into practice right away!

Lead by example

As your business’ main asset and focal point, the buck starts and stops with you, the business owner. Hence the need for QNET independent representatives to lead by being brave, bold and innovative.

Does this mean that you should be constantly dreaming up ingenious ideas the way the world’s most innovative business leaders like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos do?

Not always. But being innovative does involve being passionate about your work, displaying positivity, and always projecting an openness to new possibilities and opportunities, which could lead to new strategies, work policies and more.

As QNET Co-Founder Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran often reminds us: people learn from what you do, not what you say. So, strive to be a progressive leader, and your team will follow.

Leverage new technologie

Innovation Creativity QNET Business

Leading organisations like QNET are among those to thank for the many innovations that have become commonplace in direct selling today. Yet, it’s not only incumbent on companies to take advantage of new developments in technology but individual business owners too.

Is there a new cross-platform messaging app, for instance, that can improve communication with both your team members and customers? Have you considered utilising new organisational tools, or social media platforms, like TikTok or Twitch, for marketing purposes?

You don’t have to jump on every tech bandwagon, of course. But it does pay to keep up with the latest innovations.

Encourage experimentation

All superstar entrepreneurs owe their success to their teams. As such, look to embolden your downlines to research and experiment with new ideas that could help your direct selling business prosper.

Granted, some of these proposals may not be feasible, and yes, some may fail. But that doesn’t mean you should stop your team members from trialling new client engagement methods, for example, or experimenting with creative campaigns.

If anything, the studies that show how customers today gravitate to innovative businesses should spur you and your team to never stop trying new things.

Support diversity

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The evidence is clear, diversity and acceptance in business don’t just ensure better client relations and higher productivity; they also guarantee better idea generation. So be as inclusive as possible even as you strive to foster innovation.

Think about it like this — a team with members from similar backgrounds may end up mooting the same ideas. However, a diverse group of individuals would likely serve up different viewpoints due to their unique experiences.

Incidentally, studies show that on top of more perspectives, skills and knowledge being brought to the table, inclusion and diversity also normally result in an improvement in profits.

Learn from the best

It’s often not advisable for business owners to obsess about the successes of others. Nevertheless, competitive analysis is an important part of innovation. And that necessitates learning from what one’s mentors and peers are doing well.

Every IR is different, and the strategies that proved successful for others may not necessarily translate to your network and/or relate to your customers. However, you can still review and be inspired by the practices of your uplines, mentors and even QNET industry partners like Manchester City Football Club.

Remember, the bottom line is to do right by your team members and customers. And benchmarking you and your business against the best of the best is only going to increase everyone’s satisfaction in the long run.

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