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Keeping Time: Why Proper Time Management Maketh the Entrepreneur

While donning a marvellously exquisite handcrafted Bernhard H. Mayer timepiece is guaranteed to elevate your game, what’s equally important for business owners is to use their wristwatches to aid time management.

This is the reason many top entrepreneurs take what they wear — even and especially the watches on their wrists — very seriously.

Yes, dressing professionally is still very important in business. Even though some see activewear as perfectly acceptable attire for customer meetings, experts say that a professional look can be key to positively representing you and your business. That’s why a wristwatch is such a great addition to any look. Not only does it make you stand out, but it also makes a firm statement about your professionalism.

Here’s a look at why efficient time management can lead to success. 

You can get more done

Gestion du temps avec Bernhard H Mayer

Becoming your own boss means you get to decide when and how much to work. Even so, the fact that there are limited hours in a day means it’s vital that entrepreneurs learn how to prioritise tasks and allocate the requisite amount of time for each assignment.

One way to do this is by planning customer meetings, presentations and training engagements ahead of time and then analysing and determining which jobs require more attention. 

This will not only allow for better productivity but afford you more time for non-work-related activities, like exercising, an evening walk in the park or dinner with loved ones. 

You’re able to expand your business

One key benefit of direct selling is that entrepreneurs are free to determine their marketing strategies and when and how to scale operations. Nevertheless, growing a network can be extremely challenging when one’s constantly attempting to beat the clock.

The solution, thus, is to create and stick to a personalised business road map, with your goals and milestones clearly defined alongside a list of everyday tasks.

Yes, your plan can be revised from time to time, and there’s certainly room for flexibility. But do note that a well-laid-out plan allows business owners to see where they’re losing time and as such, how to strategise better. 

Your decision-making is more effective

Some entrepreneurs thrive under pressure and react effectively even while hurrying through the day. For most of us, however, the general rule is that a calm and composed state helps one develop better ideas and quicker solutions.

Being a business owner means you’re the pulse of your enterprise. As such, it’s vital to always be ready to make decisions for the benefit of you and your team.

For a start, try delegating smaller tasks and duties. That will free up time to help you improve focus and ensure you’re ready to go when important judgement calls are required.

You’ll keep stress at bay

Deadline stress is a real thing! It has been found to afflict businesspersons in almost every industry.

But entrepreneurs and their teams can still successfully keep deadline anxiety and pressure in check by simply being shrewd and sharp time managers and refusing to procrastinate.

It may also help to set explicit expectations in terms of completing tasks and always keep an eye on that stunning Swiss-made timepiece on your wrist. 

Remember, we all want to be able to run our businesses with peace of mind. Yet that can only be achieved when your network’s most finite recourse — time — is prioritised. 

You’ll increase customer respect

Following up with prospects after a sales pitch, returning calls and emails and responding to queries promptly all contribute to building trust in your business. And they have the added benefit of increasing your standing in customers’ eyes.

Essentially, time is precious to your clients. As such, entrepreneurs who are sensitive to their clients’ time needs and are seen to value their own automatically earn admiration.

Yes, delays are sometimes inevitable. But managing your time and never wasting that of your customers is the foundation for a good, long-term relationship of mutual respect.
The bottom line is, whether it’s a distinguished Le Classique or a sporty PowerMaster you’ve picked out to wear, always remember that better business begins with better time management.

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