Thursday, March 30, 2023

The practice of professional marketing is a must in the QNET business.

Find out in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is QNET? We’re here to answer all of your questions about the QNET company so you can begin taking control of your earning potential with a revolutionary business model that requires a commitment from you to give your focus, attention, and effort to building a business that lasts. Read on to learn more about why QNET is best at helping you take charge of your life with our products and our business opportunity. You will learn how the QNET business gives you a path to achieving financial freedom along with more information on how to join QNET.

Of course, you may be asking yourself, “What is QNET?” And the answer is simple. QNET is a direct selling company that offers a wide range of products in the areas of health, wellness, lifestyle, and education through an e-commerce platform. QNET’s products are designed to help people live healthier and improve their lifestyle and livelihood. QNET is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices and agencies in more than 25 countries worldwide, that provide support to its growing base of customers and distributors. In addition to providing quality products, QNET’s customers can also take advantage of the direct selling business offered by the QNET company by promoting its products and services to others. Millions of satisfied customers in more than 100 countries have become distributors of QNET’s products by earning commissions on product sales.

Direct selling is a method of marketing and retailing goods and services directly to the consumers, in their homes, or in any other location away from a permanent retail premises. Such type of sales is largely driven by word-of-mouth referrals. Products sold through direct selling companies have unique features, are exclusive to the company, and are not available in malls or department stores.

The direct selling industry has been thriving on this type of relationship-based marketing for more than 150 years. Approximately 100 million people around the world are involved in this industry in both part-time and full-time capacities.

NO. QNET is NOT an investment scheme. In fact, it is not any type of scheme at all. It is a legitimate direct selling business where you only pay money to purchase products. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of QNET company products, you can sign up as an Independent Representative (IR) through our e-commerce portal at

NO. QNET is not a job opportunity. Our Independent Representatives own their own business and are not employed by QNET. The QNET company does not hire or select Independent Representatives. Potential IRs attend business presentations and training programs conducted by other IRs and they are free to decide whether this business is suitable for them.

QNET’s business combines the principles of two major industries – e-commerce and direct sales. Any customer purchasing a product from QNET can choose to take up the opportunity to become an Independent Representative (IR) or be just a consumer.

IRs earn commissions from the sale of products/services to their direct referrals, and also from the sales of products/services to the referrals made by their teams in line with our compensation plan (commission plan). It is important to note that commissions are paid only for the sale of products/services and not for referrals. IRs are typically introduced to the company’s products, services, and business plan by other IRs who have taken up the business opportunity.

The company holds intensive training programs and business development sessions for customers wishing to benefit from the business opportunity. During the trainings, they are advised on our policies and procedures, the business model, the compensation plan, and the proper and ethical business practices. IRs, in turn, build their own teams whom these sessions are then conducted for.

The only way to earn an income with QNET is through product sales. Once you use our products and enjoy them and refer others to purchase them, you can earn commissions on actual sales. QNet uses a compensation plan that calculates commissions payable to you based on the sales volume generated through your referrals in our e-commerce portal.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs have taken advantage of our business model to build large sales teams and grow a successful business.

NO. You cannot make money in this business just by recruiting people without sales of products and services. Only pyramid schemes focus on recruiting people. Such schemes are not sustainable and will inevitably collapse. QNET’s business is based on a sustainable sales model that does not allow anyone to make money solely through recruitment. And that’s why even after 20 years, we continue to grow and expand internationally.

Direct selling is a business like any other. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. To succeed in this business, you need to work hard, be patient and committed, and be goal-oriented. This business gives you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. The only difference is that you do not have to worry about a large-scale start-up cost and operational overheads like in a traditional business. Your success depends entirely upon you and the hard work you put in.

Just like any other business opportunity, QNet business requires hard work to increase the probability of achieving success. Those who join the business must have the determination to work hard to be successful. Otherwise, they will fail in the business just like anyone else conducting any other business.

QNET has never claimed to offer a get-rich-quick scheme or guarantee success. In fact, we have a clear Earnings Disclaimer displayed on our website and in our marketing materials.

Remember that IRs only make commissions on product sales and not on recruitment or referrals.

This is not true. QNET is not an investment scheme and just like any other business opportunity, QNET business requires hard work to increase the probability of achieving success. Those who join the business must have the determination to work hard to be successful. Otherwise, they will fail in the business just like anyone else conducting any other business.

QNET has never claimed to offer a get-rich-quick scheme or guarantee success. In fact, we have a clear Earnings Disclaimer displayed on our website and in our marketing materials.

Like all business, people move on for all sorts of reasons — life changes, new opportunities, or because it wasn’t what they expected. Direct selling business is not for everyone. Those who walk into it armed with information, having done their homework and approaching it like the entrepreneurial opportunity that it is, understand what it takes to succeed. However, there are many people who do not fully understand what they are getting into and expect to start making money overnight. This is when the challenges begin.

It is important to understand that direct selling, just like any other business, requires hard work. To succeed, you need to be committed, stay focussed on your goals, and be willing to work hard. Direct selling is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but when it’s done right, it can be really rewarding.

Most IRs of QNET are happy with their experiences building a business. For others, the amount of work required isn’t worth it. Those who venture into QNET or any other direct selling business for that matter, without clearly understanding what is involved, soon realise that they are not prepared for it, and that this business is not for them.

For every person who gives up, there are stories of those who persevered and are living proof that QNET has the potential to change lives for the better. Read their stories.

Some of those who have left the QNET business have stated that they learned valuable business skills, especially in sales, marketing, and people management while doing the QNET business.

Yes, we have a resignation policy. An Independent Representative may voluntarily resign from and/or terminate their participation as Independent Representative by tendering a 30-day written notice to the company.

Join QNet when you feel that you are ready. We don’t recommend potential IRs to go beyond their means to join the business. Calculate and understand the risks and business potential carefully before deciding to join.

Customers learn about QNET products and services from existing Independent Representatives (IRs) of QNET.

An IR is a person who registers on QNET’s website under a unique identification number and becomes entitled to provide marketing services to QNET by promoting its products and services among customers. An IR acts as an independent contractor and is not/cannot be considered an employee, agent, partner, or direct representative of QNET. The relationship between QNET and IRs is regulated by QNET’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics, which focus on the IR’s fair and ethical practices as a QNET IR and their compliance with the laws of their country.

IRs must read and accept QNET’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics during their registration. We do not exclude the possibility of some IRs engaging in unethical business practices. Whenever we receive such allegations – from customers or other IRs – we investigate them and, if the evidence is strong, terminate and/or suspend the wrongdoer’s participation as an IR.

We hope we answered all of your questions about what is QNET and more. If you have any lingering questions about the QNET company and how to become an IR, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team today. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!